Frequently Asked Question’s

Never had a spray tan? Don’t know what to expect? Don’t worry….other people feel the same way! Here are few common questions and answers to give you some clarity:

Q: Will I look Orange?

A: No! This is the most common misconception of sunless tanning! Orange hues typically surface when using store bought or a lower quality tanning solution. We use a top of the line tanning solution that is applied with a PROFESSIONAL technique to ensure there is nothing orange about it!

Q: Can I get my nails done after my appointment?

A: NOOOO!!! All of the primping and prepping needs to be done the day before to avoid smearing your tan.

Q: Can I tan before a Pool Party?

A: NO! The tan needs a full 8-10 hours to fully develop. During that time any sweating, water, or tight fitting clothing will affect your results!

Q: I have to start getting ready for an event in 5 hours, can I just wash it off early?

A: To ensure the maximum quality results we recommend waiting for the entire time. Certain areas may develop faster than others and the light bronzer may look that your tan is completely developed early and that may not be the case.

Q: I’m going on vacation…can I still swim in the pool and the ocean?

A: Yes. Your tan will not rinse off…however, spending extended periods of time in warm water, chlorine, and salt water will fade your tan faster than minimizing your soak time in any water.

Q: Will it protect me from the sun?

A: No! Airbrush tanning coats the skin on the surface. This WILL NOT protect you from UV rays or any sun damage. You can tan in the sun after your appointment but will need SPF.

Q: Can you make me look skinnier?

A: YES! You will love your results and become addicted to airbrush tanning! You will instantly look like you lost 10 lbs. and have a glow about you that you will fall in love with!

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