Our Mission

Spray For Your Sol is a Professional Airbrush Tanning Salon founded in Long Beach California and recently opened in Edmonds! Similar to a spray tan only we offer a one on one AIRBRUSH TECHNIQUE to ensure quality and detail in the application. Our mission is to provide you with an affordable, natural looking tan that leaves you feeling beautiful and more confident than ever.

BIO: Heart and Sol

Ever since I was young, my Mom taught me the importance of following your heart. I was working in corporate America and decided there had to be more to life and something out there that was a better fit for me. So I packed up a U-Haul and followed my heart all the way down to sunny Southern California. I was on a mission to find out what makes me happy and how can I find a career I am passionate about. 

Who doesn’t love the sun?! I spent the last 2 decades living in Seattle, Washington-so trust me I fully understand the importance of needing a little Vitamin D in your life. Unfortunately, taking full advantage of a day at the beach comes with all the risks. I wanted to find a way to bring everything we love about the sun without the damage! There had to be a healthy way to get that refreshed, youthful glow we all know and love! So I opened my own salon and have worked to grow a business with heart, SOL, and the utmost integrity to ensure leaving clients happier than when I found them. I was trained in Hollywood California by the best in the business.

After a couple years in the industry I decided to once again pack up my life and head back to my roots and back to the rain :). It is now my mission to introduce airbrush tanning into the lives of other Seattlites!

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- Marissa