Maximize the Life of Your Tan


•Know your schedule! Plan accordingly-especially if you are tanning for a special event or trip.

•Session should be 1-2 days before the event and day before vacation!

•Take care of all glamming ahead of time: nails, waxing, hair apts., shaving, tweezing, and any other primping, removing, and polishing of skin!

• All exfoliating and scrubbing should be done before to remove any dry skin (typically day before not day of to avoid redness or sensitivity)

•Be sure to moisturize skin days leading up to appointment (NOT DAY OF)


•Make sure to come freshly showered, shaven and NO LOTIONS! Perfume is okay but try to avoid spraying directly on to body so solution can evenly coat skin

•Make sure to have loose fitting clothing or robe to change into

•Solution is 100% washable so any material is fine to wear during or after spray (other than silk)

•Feel free to tan in whatever you are comfortable: bathing suit, only bottoms, panties, or even in your birthday suit to avoid tan lines!

•Check the weather- make sure to pack an umbrella for this unpredictable rain!


•Wait 8-10 hours to shower and AVOID excessive sweating, moisture, and hand washing!

•The looser the clothing the more even your tan will develop-avoid wearing a bras or tight waist band

•Avoid exfoliating and use of loofah

•Be sure to moisturize daily with water based lotion such as ALBA or any other natural lotions

•Use mild soaps that will not dry out your skin- avoid bar soap and dove (Dove tends to cause fading)

•After the 7-10 days, if the life of your tan is coming to an end feel free to exfoliate any remaining tan

*NOTE: Using certain lotions or soaps may just cause the tan to gradually fade faster than had you avoided them. You may not see any difference with use of these products. These are all just tips to try and MAXIMIZE the full potential of the tan.